Friday, July 30, 2010

Prom Dress? Or Personal Ad?

Prom season is over, but this adorable dress lives on. This UK resident WLTM (would like to meet), her prince charming... and she's wearing her plea right on her dress!

Want to make one of your own? Go out and grab a few yards of personal ads: TT fabric Fun-C7123 White. Online retailer Fabric Paradise sold this fabric to the very talented seamstress featured here... and then sent us her lovely photo!

Already found Mr. Right? Make your own stylish garment out of one of our other popular novelty prints. Lipstick kisses, four-leaf clovers, dice, and martinis are all waiting to be turned into one of a kind creations. You could even sport a suit made entirely from our best-selling cupcake print... Whatever floats your boat!